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What is the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus? (Part 2)

Dec 1, 2023    David Horner, Nathan Crowe

Last week we examined 4 facts that the vast majority of Christian and skeptic scholars agree upon surrounding the events of Jesus' life:

1) Jesus of Nazareth was EXECUTED by crucifixion and buried in Joseph’s tomb

2) Jesus’ tomb was found EMPTY three days later

3) Some believed they had EYEWITNESS experiences of Jesus alive after his death.

4) The EARLY TESTIMONY of Christians was belief in a resurrected Jesus

The question is, how can we explain these facts? What theory or explanation can account for all of the pieces of this puzzle? Many theories have been offered throughout the ages but one stands above them all. In this episode, we finish Pastor David's sermon, "How Can We Explain the Empty Tomb?"