Does feminism have a place in Biblical Christianity? (Part 2)

Jan 5, 2024    David Horner, Nathan Crowe, Jessica Horner

Today we continue to answer the question: "How has feminism infiltrated the church? And does it have a place in biblical Christianity?" In this episode, we specifically look at second and third-wave feminism and evaluate what we find from a Biblical perspective. Many of the agenda items of these feminist movements had to do with liberating women from "oppresive power structures" and giving them sexual freedom. As it turns out, what many feminists thought would liberate women actually puts them in chains. Jess (David's wife) shares from her personal experience how true liberation is found in Christ. Confusion about the differences between the genders and what a woman even is also found its way into feminism. So what place does feminism have in Biblical Christianity today and how is it impacting the Church?